Quality Assurance

Being a leader of the lighting manufacture for 20 years, we have established a very professional and comprehensive R&D system which it became a very powerful tool for the development of the company and our value customers. We have setup our R&D technical center and testing labortory according to the national industrial standard for providing an effective product development and first-class quality products for our customers.

Laboratory for Quality Assurance

We are very straight with our Quality Assurance (QA) procedure, and we have over 50 experienced engineers from day to day to test and verify our products to ensure products quality and meet the standard.
For being a professional and creditable labortory in the inudstry, we have always maintain our testing accuracy and high efficiency comforming to our standard policy.

Quality Assurance Standard

Failure ratio less than 0.20%
Maintain a testing data accuracy higher than 98%
Hourly sampling testing report from the production line
100% customer satisfication.

Quality Assurance Testing Equipment

Sphere Spectroradiometer System for testing power consumption, lighting distribution, color rendering, luminous intensity distribution and radiation safety.
RoHS compliance testing room for testing hazardous susbstances in electrical and electronic components that containing more than thresholds set of lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl, and polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardants.
Thermal testing equipment for performing electronic/electrical components temperature testing.
Tensile testing machine for adhesive strength and pull-off resistant testing.
Variety of testing instruments for drop test, shock test, hydraulic vibration test, mechanical vibration test and impact test.
Environmental testing chamber for testing lighting products under different range of environment temperature, pressure, humidity and ingress protection level.
EMC labortory for testing EMI and EMS.
LED module testing instrument for testing LED chip/module under X-ray nondestructive detection and thermal resistance.
Life-cycle labortory perform life time, rapid/instant start, high/low pressure testing for every product we manufacture.
Material labortory is mainly test all the incoming components of the product from its electrical specification, mechanical performance, ingress protection level of metal components to flammable level of insulate materials.